Kids Guide to Thesis Statements

At first it just seems like it might be the title of your essay, but that’s not really enough. For example, if you were asked to write an essay about the polar ice caps, for example, there is a lot to talk about, and you are unlikely to cover it all. So use your ‘thesis statement’ to narrow the topic down and show your teacher than you’ve though about it, as that is likely to get you a better grade. After a brief l;look at some facts and figures about the polar ice, you’ll find out an important fact. There isnt much ice at the North pole, if you compare it with the South.

Don’t write

This essay is about the polar ice caps.


While most people know that the polar ice caps hold the worlds ice, few realise that it is the South Polar ice cap which contains over 75% of it. In fact, the North Pole holds less than 10% of the worlds ice, making Antarctica far more important.

This has facts, and an opinion. We know what the topic is, we know what you have to say. You are now writing about the South Pole and why it is more important than the North. You have a viewpoint, and that, believe it or not, makes your essay more interetsing to read, AND easier to write, because you now have a good idea of what information to include, and what to leave out.

But suppose you don’t find that interesting? You can still write about the polar ice caps but concentrating on some other subtopic, for example, the wildlife.

Again, a little research will show that the South pole is home to many penguins, however the antarctic plateau is a desert where very little lives or grows. Both poles are home to Whales, but only the North pole has Polar bears.

While The South pole is home to many birds and whales, few land animals, other than penguins, live there. The North pole, in contrast is home to many species including caribou, foxes, wolves and of course the polar bear; hence for anyone interested in wildlife, the North Pole is far more important.

Your thesis statement is a result of your investigation of the subject. It allows you to find an angle for your essay and helps you stay focused on relevant information.

When you create your thesis statement, make sure it is relevant to the question asked. No matter how good it is, if it is not relevant to the question you won’t get good marks.