How To Write A Dissertation Literature Review?

An important step is to conduct a brief review of the literature on the topic that the student has chosen. This step is to search, read, summarize and synthesize the published literature.

Aim Of The Dissertation Literature Review

The dissertation literature review aims to:

  • develop the research problem.
  • specify the object of research, the theme, the angle of study and it focuses on the causes, processes and effects.
  • define the theoretical framework which includes theory, work, research and reference
  • locate research that is proposed to make compared to that framework
  • specify the additional contributions expected from the existing study.

Tips To Write Dissertation Literature Review

It is important to separate literature search and locate the documents. The research aims to find a set of relevant books and articles on a specific topic. Locate means to obtain books and articles identified in the research, but be clear about each and every step as the students often tend to confuse these two objectives.

You must also focus on more recent work to have a good understanding of the evolution of the research work. It should be consulted initially preferentially articles or book chapters that make a state of research and give a good overview of the problem. It should also be consult with the dissertations and theses that have already been assessed on the same or topic that you are studying. Further, it should consult the bibliography of these documents.

You must then do a search by the names of the authors or the journals. This research can be done using libraries (academic or otherwise) and/or on the internet. It is very important to return to the source documents and not just the citations made by others.

The chapter of literature review is very easy to write if you have a list of concepts, equations, laws, explanations or theories created during writing of the introduction and analysis of results. This list is organized neatly so that the concepts, laws, equations and deductions, theories and knowledge with others established and used in the thesis is in a ranked list in an orderly and consistent with established knowledge. It is useful to understand the explanations given to the phenomena in the chapters on analysis of results and conclusions.

What is the format/structure of a dissertation review of the literature?

There are several steps for writing a good dissertation literature review which are mentioned below;

I. It combines and assesses the information.
II. It categorises the major thoughts and ideas of the literature.
III. It identifies the central idea of the dissertation literature review.
IV. It also organises the main ideas

It is important that the students do not exceed in writing of this chapter since its goal is to give informative background analysis of the existing studies, not bore them with words copied from books and articles.

All information in this chapter is the original work of the students, but it is collected by the students, so it is very important to give credit to the resource from which the information is taken for use. You can also take a book or any technical publication field of knowledge in question as a guide for writing the literature review.